I did it! I started a new blog, and I’m using caps? This is a big day for me.  I thank the good Lord that this first post  is so witty and winning, and hope it has secured a second visit, from both of you. I’m not a dreamer when it comes to blogs. I know it’s just you two, Eri, I’ll see you tomorrow and Dee… maybe we can chat this week. OOOOTAY.

-I’m out!



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5 responses to “WELCOME! WELCOME! WELCOME!

  1. bruce

    wordpress is the shiznit. i’m glad you switched it.

  2. jy


  3. greenfeetforlife

    this setup is BANGIN. love it.

  4. i don’t know anyting about wordpress, but i like the new look! now blog a lotta lots! i know i can’t talk, but whatev..

  5. mila

    wait. bruce is a poet!!! shiznit? switched it? kill it grand masta!

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