1 Up, 2, 3, 4…

 Today, after tutoring my student at her school in San Bernardino, I was greeted by some young ladies playing double dutch. (BOOYA! Only da best and most fun I ever had in grade school in after care.) This wasn’t the type of school where they have the perfectly fashioned ropes that look fresh off the assembly line (whatever that might look like).  I expected to see telephone cords but these three innovative little ladies had taken four red individual plastic jump ropes and tied them together to make two seperate ropes. You know, the middle handles pulled off to reduce the flopping in the middle.  It was so nostalgic watching them flail and sing. I thought to just revel in the moment, think on my old days, but as you know thoughts seldom stay in my head without a poorer form of execution. I instead walked  over to them put my bag down, spilled my thoughts and said “bump that, can I get a jump?” Those unfamiliar with this world would think this a bit intrusive, but that’s just how we roll. 

These girls were more than welcoming to a youngish lady more than twice their age. They turned the ropes and the clock ticked back to my days of 360s, pop -ups, running-mans, etc. I had on loafers/moccasins so when I jumped in, things where shaky but I found my rhythm until a shoe flew out tagging the rope.  It was over.  Those 10 glorious seconds where through. 🙂

 They urged me to jump again. Speeding up while inside the whirlwind they’d created, I’d done it!  One of them said, “dang, she in it!” I had popped and turned and done God knows what else. It felt better than I’d expected. Then life came rushing back into focus with the rope at my feet and the plastic just having stung my foot.

It’s was astonishing how the  the clock turned back in a matter or jumps. I thanked them heartily as they thanked me for “even playing” with them.  I think those ladies and I will be forever cool… for the next two months.



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5 responses to “1 Up, 2, 3, 4…

  1. greenfeetforlife


  2. Franklin Solomons

    Don’t see much of this kind of play anymore. Too much PlayStation, Wii, Face Book etc., in the past few generations. Our parents and grandparents had it right when they said “Go outside & play & don’t come back in the house till it’s time to eat!!”

  3. Edline

    I LOVE IT!!! The best memories ever are playin double dutch with my girls….remember if u didn’t have a rope, someone would us extension cords or telephone cords…(sigh) memories… 🙂

  4. deidre

    Who could for get double dutch. Just reading this post takes me back to sixth grade where I learned. I remember my mother double dutching when I was about thirteen!! You will be sooooo cool and down those ladies!!!

  5. NO WAY!!! I so remember doing that in grade school…tying the ropes together and all…SO good. I miss that stuff!

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