RED light, GREEN light

(You might wanna click on the title to see this full screen.)

I‘ve been teaching art in Irvine for 7 months now, and I like to think that the my hour-plus commute is worth it. In the last project I assigned, my students had to use stop-motion animation to complete 2-3 minutes of footage. It had to include a soundtrack (approved by me) and or narrative, credits, and a winning idea. i gave a very simple example using all of the applications they would need (except the program that flips images). I told them I didn’t care who copied off of whom, because they would be presenting the videos in the Academic Expo (where they show all of their work they’ve done thus far) and so they had to be original and just come up with new stuff if someone stole their idea. I basically didn’t wanna get bored watching the same old ill-contrived beginner’s skater tricks or poor interpretation of the newest ridiculous artist.

Some of the students went above and beyond, others failed to reach the most basic requirements. In the end, at the very least, they had fun making their movies, learned plenty about planning ahead, working in groups (with people they didn’t necessarily love), and about the limitations of my ability to grant extensions.

I guess now I should probably show you one of my favorites…
here you go.

I’m so proud of them! We are going to show it in their schools weekly chapel. I’m sure it will be well received. It seems that crazy commute is worth it after all.

Last week I figured they needed a break from the intense world of the 6+week editing process. This seemed like a good idea ’til i remembered how lazy the little boogers can be. the expo is in two weeks and the project should really only take one class period.

We’re making collages with images, words (cut -outs or handwritten) and then making them greeting cards. We are going to transfer the images onto paper, how exactly I’m not sure but I’m sure we’ll just scan them for now and print then out on cardstock. I told them I would do one as an example of how simple and quick it can be, from mapping out the idea to mailing the card or post. This is what I did in the class period after my last pack of students.

what-goesssIt was quick for me but if they focus I’m still wondering if they’ll even be able to pick an idea in one class period. I hope this new project takes.



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4 responses to “RED light, GREEN light

  1. vanja.

    this is quite swell! i think those things do come so easily for you jamila, it’s amazing. i’m so impressed.

  2. jael

    can we show this at the levantao concert?

  3. mila

    and thanks vanjy.

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