HA.  Finally, after a year of talk, I have chopped the mop! After a period of two days/phases, I’m done. It was a bit akward and acrobatic at times, but it’s over. Now, before you start going ballistic and contriving whatever back-handed compliment which usually implies that you ” liked it better when. . .” it’s just shorter, not completely gone and it will grow. That being said, you can also see for yourself. soooo. 


Photo 7

Photo 15

and drum roll . . . 

Photo 12

(those two sad longer locks are actually part of the last row which is pull to the sides i guess…)

 Oh, and here’s a before to help gauge the change. 

Photo 16



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5 responses to “¡CHOP! ¡CHOP!

  1. jael


  2. que linda mi jambis

  3. mila

    tanx. emos I love how you be supportin’ dis cut!!!!!

  4. Jael

    blog please!

  5. deidre

    Sooo cool!!! You be stylin’!!! It look GREAT!

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