Daaang. It’s been a minute! Well since I last wrote, I’ve been to a pretty bangin’ open mic, seen the cutest movie in a long time (UP), made some pretty things and had good fun with my new do! I also went to a house show of some homies who came through again. GV, Noah + Abby, and some new kids, Crazy Chris and T.Rorem. Good times were had and I’ve been listening to all their CDs non-stop. I’m quite amped for Seattle. forealdo.

This week has been filled with job searching and apartment/room hunting, moving, etc. So far, I’ve learned that when you ask got for strength God’ll put you in a postion where your strength will be tested/used/needed or whatever. So, these past few weeks have been eye opening and altogether confusing thus interesting at best.

But I’m so lucky! I’m pretty much moved out and just around the same time my homies are off to their own adventures! So they let me stay at their place til they come back. Yup I move out and my gals are off but they’ll be back soon. So I’v got two weeks to find a place and I’ll be golden.

Oh, so where are theses ladies going? Well, Jael departed on a cushy Wi-fi flight to MA/NY for a well deserved week at home. Eri and some dental students left this evening to answer another international call to help some peeps in Managua, Nicaragua. And I… am sure to find some good times here in the desert. So far I’m having a good sabbath evening with Judah Ben-Hur!!!!

-Wish me luck!



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3 responses to “¡Daaang!

  1. Jael

    mead street naked times! woo hoo!

  2. Ummm thanks for telling me about your new blogsite.

  3. mila

    what evs vimz. my old blog leads here! silly rabbit!

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