Gimme, Gimme, Gimme

Since my move and the death of my AC adapter, I have been living without television. It has taken be back to my childhood and the joys of the Public Library. Who knew I could be up until 5am reading again? Guffaw. I’m hooked! I need more! I want more books, more authors, and subject matter. I really want an E.G.White book to start getting into. So, I like comedy, mystery, period novels, and random informative stuff. Now that you know what I like, gimme some suggestions.



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6 responses to “Gimme, Gimme, Gimme

  1. deidre

    welcome back to the wonderful world of books!!! This summer i’ve become a library whore! I’ve set up accounts with four different library systems and scouting out material at all of them!! I’m now in pursuit of Jennifer Wiener’s newest book best friends forever and the time traveler’s wife. Good luck getting your hands on fantastic stuff. Pass along titles that you think i’d enjoy.

  2. vanja.

    Wind, Sand, and Stars by Antoine de saint Exupery is AMAZING! also, i love the desire of ages or the great controversy for e.g. white but if you want a more modern language version of the first one, look into messiah…same book but more up to date language. time traveler’s wife like deidre said, is also really quite swell. if i think of more i’ll send em your way!

  3. white – Patriarchs and Prophets be my big summer read.
    Wind, Sand and Stars is one of the greatest books ever. You really should read it.
    Random information stuff – Try A J Jacobs, both of his recent books. “The Know-It-All” (He reads the 33,000 page Encyclopedia Brittanica in a year. FILLED with hilarious randomness) and “The Year of Biblical Living” (In which he tries to follow all the rules in the Bible for a year. Both are funny and insightful, and easy reads.

  4. ok, so i just picked up ‘the year of living biblically’ by a.j. jacobs and it is very good. he has a previous one about reading the entire encyclopedia, called ‘the know-it-all’

  5. love it guys! thanks so much!

  6. I most recently have been loving Life of Pi, Slaughterhouse Five (kinda crazy and sci-fi–which I’m not usually into), and the Saint of Incipient Insanities. I haven’t read any of A.J. Jacobs’ stuff, but he has a great talk about his year of living biblically that you can see on the TED website:

    This website has so many great lectures, it’s another great way to waste time–although I feel that I learn so much maybe it’s not a waste after all–maybe I’ll call it “continuing education,” or “professional development.”

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