¡Happy Anni!

About a year ago, Eri, Jael and I set out on a journey that would change our lives forever. I know it kinda sounds like a movie trailer with the dude who always somehow ends us saying”in a world”, but it’s so real. This was our literal move in faith and there’s always a journey in tow with faith.

God orchestrated our move through Jael, who after a little coaxing would come to fulfill a goal He had made clear to her, and enrolled at Loma Linda University. Eri would come in blind faith trusting God in a way she’d never known before. This faith led her to an incredibly fulfilling calling to reach out to an ill-informed but willing community, and a man of God, named Juan Pablo. I also stepped in faith to teach some of the coolest kids i’ve ever met. And though some things have ended unexpectedly and left me confused I am learning to depend on and experience God in a new way .

We’ve  learned through hardships this year and I am sure it is only the beginning of our lives in service. If one thing seems clear it is that we were all brought here to work out our momentary or permanent roles of service for God and the advancement of His Kingdom.

We have all documented our “anni” differently but have experienced it together. This has been one of the hardest years of our lives but we couldn’t have done without each other. I thank God for these women, these besties, these sisters I’ve come to love and appreciate even more and pray this year to come will be just as filled with blessings, growth, and revelations.




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3 responses to “¡Happy Anni!

  1. What an awesome journey you’ve already encountered. Can’t wait to see what other Adventures you encounter!!

  2. greenfeetforlife

    our love is strong… thanks to the strong god that we have!!!
    te quiero negra… te quiero mucho!

  3. jy

    this has been the craziest and best year of my life! I’m soooo happy and greatful for this family!

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