Dare to Des!gn

dare to designCheck it! I’m looking in to this in a big way. The Shabby Apple is promoting this opportunity to design your own dress. I have already scoured through old sketches to see if I could make the cut. The stipulations state that “dresses must have sleeves, hemline to the knee, no cleavage” . Unfortunately, the bulk of my designs are decked with cleavage and above-the-knee styles. However, I am confident that I can meet their Shandards. hehe.




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5 responses to “Dare to Des!gn

  1. deidre

    Hi lady!! How did that go?!?!? Is there follow up? Did you find out if you qualified?

  2. And what is so wrong with a little bit of cleavage?

  3. Katara Watkins

    I have sure you can hang with Shabby Apple. Never heard of them, but added them to my list of on-line window shopping sites! Has a- anthropologie-ish flare (like my word??) Any other “unknown” sites I should know about??

  4. mila

    oh. there’s freestyle.com they own anthropoligie and urban. I like styling sites. check out “the look” and “the star”on “how i scroll” they’ve got lots of cool blogs tagged.

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