Click, Search, Click

As much as I detest when people use the site as a verb, YouTube is always there for a good laugh and my incessant search modes!

While watching one of my favorite pass-times on “So You Think You Can Dance” I was mesmerized by both this kid Billy Bell and the song he danced to. The voice sounded familiar but I just couldn’t pin-point it. So of course  I went to the  YouTube the Grand figuring someone had to have posted something about this Billy Bell kid, who by the way you must see for yourself.

After typing in his name, numerous clips  of him were listed. Not a bad way to spend an hour in the middle of the night (I’m clearly still unemployed). Finally, I found a clip of him performing the same piece I’d seen on the SYTYCD!  The song still wasn’t mentioned! GUH! So I, obsessive as I can be at times, re-played the clip until I heard discernible lyrics and  typed that bad boy into google’s search joint! Yes I did! and I found it! Build a Home by  Cinematic Orchestra featuring the very familiar Patrick Watson. I got my LIFE for another 30 minutes  and then found more of their stuff and settled in with another one of their songs called “Breathe”. Ahhhhhh. Goodtimes!

YouTube you’ve done it again. Again, you’ve enabled me to waste countless hours searching and clicking my life away to unknown/unexpected pleasantries.




Filed under music, plain fun

4 responses to “Click, Search, Click

  1. Don’t you LOVE the big wide interweb?!?!? All that you never knew you wanted to know is there for you to discover!

  2. deidre

    but i did read the blog! And you know i already had them bookmarked!?!

  3. mila

    i known dear. i’m just bieng a blog hag! LOL i think you’re the most consistent than I am.

  4. youtube ain’t got nothing on wiki! but well done!

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