Convoluted Xmas

Today I discovered the perceived irony of the abbreviation “Xmas”, thanks to my computer’s encyclopedia! World Book 2004, (YES! I’m proud of my MAC-osaur) is a bangin’ application I found earlier this evening while making space for other pass-times, (TV on dem innanets a.k.a. TV on-line). It has all these cool features. I spent hours just looking up the origins of words (another hobby), but soon, with the aid of a feature named Time Frame I searched the ages surrounding Jesus’ life! Unfortunately, I had to actually type in His name to find Him. His vignette included a snippet on Christmas and origins of the festivities we enjoy today. Many, if not most, novelties of today’s Christmas were founded in paganism. So taking the “Christ” out of of the season seemed to serve as a suitable abbreviation as it originally had nothing to do with His birth. It had more to do with the celebration of the end of the year’s harvest but I’ll save that for a later post.

To my disbelief the use of the abbreviation “Xmas” was something else entirely. I found this as I read:

The word Xmas is sometimes used instead of Christmas. This tradition began in the early Christian church. In Greek, X is the first letter of Christ’s name. It was frequently used as a holy symbol.

WHaaaa! I was misled. I believed “Xmas” was a way to take Christ out of the celebration. “The More You Know” ?! NBC has never promoted words so true. “Find Out Information For Yourself ” will now be the spoof provided by any given actor from the “The Office” on “SNL”.

Back to the topic, it was . . .cool for lack of a more grown-up word, to recognize the antiquated iconography that we love so much today. The “X” is actually a symbol? They could have rocked that on a jersey/shield/sheath/other relative regalia! (“When I say, “JE,” you say “SUS!” “JE-SUS! JE-SUS!”)

I also think maybe that initial evolved* from the fish or the symbol Christ’s followers donned in Paul’s day. On the other hand, it could be related to the cross which to me is a symbol of sacrifice/love? I prefer the fish but reason points to the latter.

ALRIGHT! Again, I’ve devoured time and page with far too many words to arrive at the other end of another random fact/origin.

-Tootles! (anglo- a tout a l’heure. Eek, I couldn’t stop myself. )

*sorry to those who oppose to my use of the word “evolve” and Jesus in the same context.



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3 responses to “Convoluted Xmas

  1. that could be a new tee shirt series! “X”

  2. deidre

    i like the t-shirt idea. But Mila, are you sure you haven’t been hanging out with Eugene?? The two of you’d get along like two peas in a pod with your word origins. . . It’s kind of cool having a friend who share this random but fascinating tidbits.

  3. mila

    i’ll get on the T. and I’m always happy to share that my random world of origins with you. thanks for staying tunes through even the most random tings!!!!

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