Mad Cow

Blogging. Who made up this term? GENIUUUUUS!! Biographically logging the translations of one’s thoughts should only naturally morph into BLOG-ging. Thank you, Elusive They for providing the 21st century with yet another abbreviated term.

I heart blogs. However, they often serve as informative havens for poor grammar and made-up words cloaked in entertaining anecdotes. Be that as it may, they’ve allowed me to spit out garbage until I got it right (well as far as forming partly decent sentences). This regular practice of emptying the mind has improved my writing by leaps and bounds. Now my written words have the voice of my education. My mother would say she can “hear her money”, inferring her sacrifice of providing 18 plus years of education.

I am still plagued with wordiness (as is my tongue) but blogging has allowed me to express myself in a form I never thought possible. If Ms. Candelaria could see me now! (She’d love that fragmented sentence turned interjection! HA!)

Ok. I’ll just stick a pin in this for now as I am feeling a little cannibalistic about this post right now (blogging about blogging may cancel me out). I just wanted to thank the Elusive They and awesome sites for making this available to everyone, but Creed.

– tah tah (more injured french)



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3 responses to “Mad Cow

  1. deidre

    Love!! Thanks for the mini history!

  2. DANG!!!! I can never beat Dee as the first comment.
    Meanwhile, I’m loving Candelaria as one of the top ghetto latino names. Up there with Mariposa.

    Keep emptying that mind and producing lovely blogs!!!

  3. mila

    AHHHHHH! candelaria!
    Dee I’m so honored/frightened that I’m turning into a Eugene. . . mostly flattered though.

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