If I:

This may not be clear from other posts but I have a lot of time on my hands. . .a lot. So I’ve decided to subscribe to the tried and true diversion called If I. This game is best played in barbershops and in an “outside” voice in the movies. However, it is not limited to nor confined to said places. Still don’t know what it is? Well, If I will be my new weekly post where I talk about life’s random possibilities/improbabilities. For example, next weeks issue will be: If I Wrote Sketches.

I’m really hoping that designating times to post these thoughts might make me less socially awkward. Maybe this can serve as a therapy of sorts that will enable me to actually listen to whole conversions and let others finish their thoughts without immediately interjecting with unfiltered foolishness. (apparently this is “not okay” to do to acquaintances, supervisors, and others unaccustomed to my winning ways!) I guess I’m trying this out as a considerate citizen.

Stay tuned for a subjunctive world without gavels . And If I am consistent that will surprise all of us.

-til next time….



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2 responses to “If I:

  1. Have you ever seen the Demetri Martin sketch “If I”? It’s just short of an hour. It’s on Youtube in six parts. It’s fascinating. Watch it!

  2. mila

    no. i love him though! was it a special on comedy central. imma check that out now.

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