If I: wrote sketches

If I: wrote sketches for a variety show it would go something like this.

“Good Evening and Welcome to the

” Grammar in America with Solita Ohara” ( always said with a spanish/irish accent)

Tonight on “Grammar in America with Solita Ohara ” we’ll visit the women that have redifined interjections

Interjections are defined as words or phrases used to exclaim or protest or command. They sometimes stand by themselves, but they are often contained within larger structures.

But as I’m often told by viewers off “Grammar in America with Solita O’hara” I will “keep it simple stupid”.

“So, an interjection is a big name for a little word that carries way more … than one could imagine.

“For example. one can read ‘Ugh!’ and infer disgust but here on Grammar in America with Solita O’hara’ we also like to keep it real by guiding with practical application.

a few weeks ago we met a young college student Becky and as an attractive young women she has had to learn not to mince words, especially in sticky situations. look here.”

(show’s silly interns silently act out different scenarios when she says no with obivous/different faces and body language

Solita- ” So apparently here, ‘No!’, is quite obviously filled with the meaning

(in Becky’s voice) “you’re gross and you never had a chance thinking you could talk me with that breath.”

a few days later we encounter the same young lady Becky now in the context of a concert: we find that “wooo! translates to: I’m your biggest fan even though I’ve never heard of you until tonight and or i didn’t even know you’d be here but the night is young and i’m a little tipsy! at the end of the night we see the same situation from the day before and learn that the the second meaning to our concert interjection could be true for either situation.”

I guess it would be a parody for or with Soledad O’brien. Everyone loves her so she could do a special on anything. Right!? don’t worry I’ll be keeping my day job, wait, I mean just keep it as a day dream. That’s a more applicable reference.

-end scene



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2 responses to “If I: wrote sketches

  1. Lauren

    Ha! Your true potential as a sketch comedic geneus will not be revealed until the world can see you on camera! I got to dig up some of my notes. Did we discuss Ricardo O’Malley’s Irish Mexican restaurant? That’s what I think of when I read about Solita 🙂

  2. mila

    ahhhhh! irish mexican restaurant? i love it already do tell! i have to see this when i come hom. i get back on the 10th.

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