K-1 Fiancé VISA Form

Dear Canada,

Attached is a video that left me with the question “Why is Ryan Gosling so precious?” I do remember him randomly singing in some movie but i didn’t realize he could actually sing. Even as “Lars the mildly disturbed” he was beautiful. This has proved him talnted yet again. I usually just think he’s a great actor but after seeing this video I realized California needs more imports. He is not the only example and fun and exciting Canadians but he is one the most well known bachelors.

This is an informal request until you send me the proper forms in order to sponsor more middle class increasingly intriguing canadian men. I have no preference though I greatly appreciate my west-adians. So, whatever you have available/eligible will suffice.

Warmest regards,

Jamila Silvera


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One response to “K-1 Fiancé VISA Form

  1. that’s aboot the funniest thing I’ve ever read

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