if i: sweatshop

I‘ve made sewing handbags and bows my new day-job lately. So naturally, my room looks like war (countless fumbled efforts and unrealized promises/sketches). With every prick of my finger I imagine what life would be like if this was my real job. Not having been paid yet, I thought, “it ‘d suck but I would hopefully take more showers.”

S0 today we’re exploring life “If I Worked In A Sweatshop”. Here’s a list of probabilities:


1. have horrible posture. Slumping over a machine 12+hrs a day does not good for elocution. I’d also have lower back problems and weak ankles.

2. have even worse sight as I am constantly squinting. . .at what i don’t know but it seems customary to the trade. which leads to

3. have a Mr. T look stuck on my face. I’ve discovered that this is my default “sewing face”. I should stop that for these are critical years for my forehead lines.

4. be malnourished. I only eat like twice a day. but work more than 12 hrs. I have to remember to hydrate and stretch sometimes.

5. be a hell of a seamstress! or sleever/zipperess/handless. Whatever one item given at a time.

6. be a dirty kid and get sick from the other dirty kids I work with.

7. have no feeling in the tips of my fingers thus playing the guitar with ease which would then lead me to play my way to freedom!

8. look like a lost child with wild hair and missed matched socks.

9. forget what it’s like to have ADHD.

10.finished products in hours as opposed to days.

Having written this list I’m glad I do not work in a such an environment, mostly because I wouldn’t have time to blog about foolishness like this.

-pittying the foo’!



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2 responses to “if i: sweatshop

  1. Deidre

    I know that the products of your work is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Good on ya!

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