Look What I Can Do! (as said by Stewart)

For some time now my bedtime has coincided with my roommates’ morning alarms. I’m a nocturnal being but this is ridiculous! Now, I get a bit of a break as I am headed home tomorrow! Huzzah!

What does one do in the wee hours of the morning? Well, I’ve been trying to get things ready for my new shop called Mostly Posts on Etsy.com. You can find me under Sellers as Milzamo. I have some cards up now but am still figuring things out. Meanwhile, here are some of the types of bags I’ve been making.

ladies & gentlemen

my dearest africa

the smuggler (movie bag)

If you likesies tell me your ideas and put in your orders today!

-burning the midnight oil.



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5 responses to “Look What I Can Do! (as said by Stewart)


  2. Deidre

    Sooooo HOOOOTTT!!!! and I’m sooooooo EXCITED!!!!!!

  3. love this. specially the africa one. i want it!

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