okay. . . okay. . .(sigh)

Now that I’ve opened my shop I realize that I have to think about how to promote it. I know, kinda backwards but i’ve opened it nonetheless. My mom has been talking a lot about marketing myself and the product. . . that’s when I chimed in with the obligatory, furred brow, pointed finger, and ” ummm” cause I haven t really given much thought to this due to the fact that a lot of my stuff isn’t really up yet. but marketing myself, whaaa???

She then said ,” you’re eclectic and untraditional with your style. . . ” I thought to myself “but that’s odd to just be like ‘I’m cool you should keep me in your entourage,’to people that seem interested in the same things.” After further reflection I realized that I should be proud of the talent God gave me and who I am. It’s still seems a bit boasty of me but here it is.

I am proud to be much like my Lula: a pleasantly humorous, fashionable, eclectic, creative, and God-fearing woman trying to find my way in this world.

(click to enlarge)

bows & twists

curls and soft waves

side sweeps and curl

-still kinda blushing



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5 responses to “okay. . . okay. . .(sigh)

  1. Po-po!

    Jammy – I ❤ Lulu… she is my inner coy child that I'm constantly baiting out to play!
    ❤ you and hope to see you sooooooooooon!!!!

    • mila

      oh po-po!
      that’s so cool. everyone can identify with lula?! i love it. I wanna see you too.
      and gat some inspiration, for lula outfits/actions and workouts. i see you gettin ‘ fit ma!!!!
      DOOO it!

  2. dee

    You be awesome!! Promote yourself to the hilt!!! send me a button and I’ll promote you too!

  3. que linda, mi jambis!!! I’d have you know that the ONLY reason I keep you in my entourage is because you’re amazing!

    There’s a LULA in all of us. (tag line, free o’ charge!)

    • mila

      tanx ma! and of course the entourage ref is YOU! always i live by a jy quote a day. and jesus. jesus and jy that’s my way!
      you should try it!

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