If I: T-shirts

If I were a tee shirt I’d bark orders at people or state the obvious with a Bob Barker/Oprah voice like:

1. Raise your hand if you hate crowd participation!

2. State the opposite of what you want with fained enthusiasm if you hate sarcasm.

3. Learn unnecessary information about a celebrity today!

4. Let a girl know you’re reading her shirt before you just start staring at her chest. its works much better.

5. Tell your kid to shut up before I do!

6. Stare disapprovingly at the smokers! (best worn near public astrays)

7. STOP yelling in slow-mo. I SPEAK ENGLISH!

8. I didn’t steal your job, The Governator did!

9. I’m not gay but I can appreciate refracted light!
(aimed at the stingy gays)

10. proud pescatarian.

(with pic of a chicken in the middle)

probablilties ≠ always equal stereotypes.


(til next time)



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6 responses to “If I: T-shirts

  1. dee

    HI-larious! I bet you could make a few of these for your shop and folks would eat them up!

    • mila

      i think the english one woul dsell well and the boobs staring one could too. tanx dee. how do i send yo a button? from etsy? or???? i’m not really all over this promo thing. but i’m still gonna chose a pic for a badge ans send it.

  2. I got a couple:
    “How ’bout them Apples to Apples” (the card game)

    “That Mila, I tell ya!”

    “Well…you ain’t sleeping with personality.” (Shout out to Bjorn!)

  3. Isaac

    Hey mams, this is just to prove I read your stuff. Hi larious!

  4. mila

    tanx. well done papasmif. well done.

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