Praise Jesus!  I have been featured on the well-followed blog Natural chica. It features different stores of going natural, tips on maintanence and fun little how-to on styles and accessories. It is also a place where natural ladies, like myself, and their work  are featured. The focus was mostly on my natural character Lula but I also mentioned my bags. so what better time to let you know that because yes! is now the name of my line of bags that will be  available online at etsy.com in the next few days. . here are a few.



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3 responses to “heeeeeey!

  1. I said I would come check ya blog and you posted some pretty nice stuff. I like the bags. Now if only now I had the time to get my mom’s sewing machine and get to sewing. lol… I left the link to my blog so check it out if you have time… nice to meet you… creative minds are always refreshing… peace and happiness…

  2. Deidre

    WANT ONE!!!!!!!!

  3. I was it all! I want it all!!!

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