if i believed. . .

in love. It would be so grand to actually believe in the fairytales that have been brow-beaten into ours minds/hearts,  where life unfolds like a long awaited letter from that unrequited love, and we finally go for broke and strike oil in rash and stolen kisses under some abondoned arch or inviting corridor.

Would it be so grand or make matters worse if we truly believed this??? would this belief cloud the reality of the situation and push us into other delusions or open our eyes to other possibilities. . . dunno.

I saw this on a favored site and thought. . .

“This could totally turn out like a dream followed by

and end with a

klimt the kiss

but that’s just a movie called ‘Valentine’s Day’ right? “

or, if it doesn’t turn out how we planned we’d just be so

“relieved that we lived for once and just did it?”

or. . . .

and mortified.

I guess real-life application will teach us that

a little bit of both is possible.

Not that I’m biased but I really do want to believe in the fairytale. Part of it at least. The healthy bit of it where  I’ll just be able to shake it off (if it doesn’t unfold as i’d hoped) with a non-chalant “c’est la vie”.  Sadly, somehow that phrase has been overlooked in my many misses.

-too much time on my hands


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