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making moves!

um. . . so i’m making another move. dealing with wordpress lately has been like hitting that cluster of nerve by your elbow. so i’ve got to, got t,o got to. . . go. i will be scooting over to the simplistic ways of tumblr in hopes they are a better fit for me.  so i bid you adieu.

-letting the goodtimes roll over to



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i’ll remember you like yesterday, yesterday

i lost a homie last night and it’s so bizarre. i really don’t think it’s hit me yet. I didn’t want to write about it cuz it would be like. . .acknowledging he’s gone. it’s so unreal.  so as i lack the words to express this bizarre and empty feelings of loss. i’ve just been listening to a grip of music. he was a musician among many things and i think he would have liked a lot of the stuff i’ve been kicking back to so . . . this one is for nate.

there will come a time with no more tears mang!

so long my friend.

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I sigh because it’s been eons since i’ve been on this bad. It’s prolly clear by now that a weekly “if i’ just ain’t gon’ happen. The fact that I haven’t really had a reliable moment catcher for over a year has not helped with updates either. but hopefully that can change. i’ve discovered the joys of really expensive batteries. shout out to Enegizer advance LITHIUUUUUM! Also, I’ve found turning off the camera when I’m not using it to be dually effective. I’m pretty much rubbish at posting pics but i shall try or at least provide an abundance of links to pictures.

Now for a quick recap for my peeps who dont see me or visit me in my cove.

  • first up. my gifted mac G4 is in limbo and my cousin keisha heard my situation by a third party and hooked me up with this adorable purple ACER netbook LILIIII! whatchu know about FAM!?
  • in other news, I’m training for a half marathon (13.1 mi) on May 2. i will hit mile 9  or vice versa on sun. eeeeeKuh.
  • going mad over fabric/notions every 3rd day at hancock fabrics, my new besty
  • trading tips with and randomly bumping into Tawns(another new fav)
  • got my LIFE with nunz when she came through for a drive-by visit.
  • been babysitting the munchkins Brooks. too cute and too smart for their own good. leaders of tomorrow in the MAKIIIIING!!!
  • sewing of course. if i haven’t already accosted your fb page with the link here it is agaaaaain!
  • also, too, and, i’ve been singing with my sistas.  wish i had a link and or link for the concert we participated in last weekend. we opened for joey kibble from Take 6. such a homie.
  • i’m still looking for a part-time gig at the VERY least, so keep your ears. . . open???
  • recently fallen for The Arrows, Mumford and Sons these people are money! and they love JESUUUUUS! soo. thanks homies of homies who got that into gear.
  • also can’t get enough of Judy Garland. she and Liza were truly kindreds whether mami and daughter or not.
  • have had a hankering for skating and bowling. so far i’ve only been skating. i was trying to do it every two weeks but ya’ll know how i do with that.
  • writing a long overdue update.

So what’s next? who knows. you tell me.


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if i: sweatshop

I‘ve made sewing handbags and bows my new day-job lately. So naturally, my room looks like war (countless fumbled efforts and unrealized promises/sketches). With every prick of my finger I imagine what life would be like if this was my real job. Not having been paid yet, I thought, “it ‘d suck but I would hopefully take more showers.”

S0 today we’re exploring life “If I Worked In A Sweatshop”. Here’s a list of probabilities:


1. have horrible posture. Slumping over a machine 12+hrs a day does not good for elocution. I’d also have lower back problems and weak ankles.

2. have even worse sight as I am constantly squinting. . .at what i don’t know but it seems customary to the trade. which leads to

3. have a Mr. T look stuck on my face. I’ve discovered that this is my default “sewing face”. I should stop that for these are critical years for my forehead lines.

4. be malnourished. I only eat like twice a day. but work more than 12 hrs. I have to remember to hydrate and stretch sometimes.

5. be a hell of a seamstress! or sleever/zipperess/handless. Whatever one item given at a time.

6. be a dirty kid and get sick from the other dirty kids I work with.

7. have no feeling in the tips of my fingers thus playing the guitar with ease which would then lead me to play my way to freedom!

8. look like a lost child with wild hair and missed matched socks.

9. forget what it’s like to have ADHD.

10.finished products in hours as opposed to days.

Having written this list I’m glad I do not work in a such an environment, mostly because I wouldn’t have time to blog about foolishness like this.

-pittying the foo’!


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¡Happy Anni!

About a year ago, Eri, Jael and I set out on a journey that would change our lives forever. I know it kinda sounds like a movie trailer with the dude who always somehow ends us saying”in a world”, but it’s so real. This was our literal move in faith and there’s always a journey in tow with faith.

God orchestrated our move through Jael, who after a little coaxing would come to fulfill a goal He had made clear to her, and enrolled at Loma Linda University. Eri would come in blind faith trusting God in a way she’d never known before. This faith led her to an incredibly fulfilling calling to reach out to an ill-informed but willing community, and a man of God, named Juan Pablo. I also stepped in faith to teach some of the coolest kids i’ve ever met. And though some things have ended unexpectedly and left me confused I am learning to depend on and experience God in a new way .

We’ve  learned through hardships this year and I am sure it is only the beginning of our lives in service. If one thing seems clear it is that we were all brought here to work out our momentary or permanent roles of service for God and the advancement of His Kingdom.

We have all documented our “anni” differently but have experienced it together. This has been one of the hardest years of our lives but we couldn’t have done without each other. I thank God for these women, these besties, these sisters I’ve come to love and appreciate even more and pray this year to come will be just as filled with blessings, growth, and revelations.



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Daaang. It’s been a minute! Well since I last wrote, I’ve been to a pretty bangin’ open mic, seen the cutest movie in a long time (UP), made some pretty things and had good fun with my new do! I also went to a house show of some homies who came through again. GV, Noah + Abby, and some new kids, Crazy Chris and T.Rorem. Good times were had and I’ve been listening to all their CDs non-stop. I’m quite amped for Seattle. forealdo.

This week has been filled with job searching and apartment/room hunting, moving, etc. So far, I’ve learned that when you ask got for strength God’ll put you in a postion where your strength will be tested/used/needed or whatever. So, these past few weeks have been eye opening and altogether confusing thus interesting at best.

But I’m so lucky! I’m pretty much moved out and just around the same time my homies are off to their own adventures! So they let me stay at their place til they come back. Yup I move out and my gals are off but they’ll be back soon. So I’v got two weeks to find a place and I’ll be golden.

Oh, so where are theses ladies going? Well, Jael departed on a cushy Wi-fi flight to MA/NY for a well deserved week at home. Eri and some dental students left this evening to answer another international call to help some peeps in Managua, Nicaragua. And I… am sure to find some good times here in the desert. So far I’m having a good sabbath evening with Judah Ben-Hur!!!!

-Wish me luck!


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HA.  Finally, after a year of talk, I have chopped the mop! After a period of two days/phases, I’m done. It was a bit akward and acrobatic at times, but it’s over. Now, before you start going ballistic and contriving whatever back-handed compliment which usually implies that you ” liked it better when. . .” it’s just shorter, not completely gone and it will grow. That being said, you can also see for yourself. soooo. 


Photo 7

Photo 15

and drum roll . . . 

Photo 12

(those two sad longer locks are actually part of the last row which is pull to the sides i guess…)

 Oh, and here’s a before to help gauge the change. 

Photo 16


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