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I sigh because it’s been eons since i’ve been on this bad. It’s prolly clear by now that a weekly “if i’ just ain’t gon’ happen. The fact that I haven’t really had a reliable moment catcher for over a year has not helped with updates either. but hopefully that can change. i’ve discovered the joys of really expensive batteries. shout out to Enegizer advance LITHIUUUUUM! Also, I’ve found turning off the camera when I’m not using it to be dually effective. I’m pretty much rubbish at posting pics but i shall try or at least provide an abundance of links to pictures.

Now for a quick recap for my peeps who dont see me or visit me in my cove.

  • first up. my gifted mac G4 is in limbo and my cousin keisha heard my situation by a third party and hooked me up with this adorable purple ACER netbook LILIIII! whatchu know about FAM!?
  • in other news, I’m training for a half marathon (13.1 mi) on May 2. i will hit mile 9  or vice versa on sun. eeeeeKuh.
  • going mad over fabric/notions every 3rd day at hancock fabrics, my new besty
  • trading tips with and randomly bumping into Tawns(another new fav)
  • got my LIFE with nunz when she came through for a drive-by visit.
  • been babysitting the munchkins Brooks. too cute and too smart for their own good. leaders of tomorrow in the MAKIIIIING!!!
  • sewing of course. if i haven’t already accosted your fb page with the link here it is agaaaaain!
  • also, too, and, i’ve been singing with my sistas.  wish i had a link and or link for the concert we participated in last weekend. we opened for joey kibble from Take 6. such a homie.
  • i’m still looking for a part-time gig at the VERY least, so keep your ears. . . open???
  • recently fallen for The Arrows, Mumford and Sons these people are money! and they love JESUUUUUS! soo. thanks homies of homies who got that into gear.
  • also can’t get enough of Judy Garland. she and Liza were truly kindreds whether mami and daughter or not.
  • have had a hankering for skating and bowling. so far i’ve only been skating. i was trying to do it every two weeks but ya’ll know how i do with that.
  • writing a long overdue update.

So what’s next? who knows. you tell me.



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So tomorrow is the big day/night!  At 7:30 pm, Levantao will appear in our first concert ever! We’ve been promoting it all over the place but I guess I forgot to post it on my own blog. 

It’s gonna be the BUSINESS! Really! It’s just gonna be a goodtime in Jesus!!! You should already have your plane tickets to come see the girls you love soooooo much. 

Check it out. You’ll never forgive yourself…okay it’s not that deep but still,” justa COME”.

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¡Adventures Prevail Over Sabbath Naps!

Last week  (written May 3rd) Eri and I had a fine adventure in place of taking the tradition Sabbath nap. Yesterday was no different in the ways of  adventures prevailing ova dem naps! It was PHENOMINAL!
First, Good vibes and good times were appreciated by many at Mt. Rubidoux SDA Church in Riverside. I thought myself to be too late and alone to truly get much from the message or the whole famed experience of Rubidoux but I was erred in the belief.
After asking for my seat for one, I saw him, bro bro Kyle. He’s always around when I’m flying solo. I quickly rescinded my request, fording through the sad strays waiting for good news in the 12 o’clock seating rush.

Once seated, everything was easy peezy. We chatted it up a bit, then reminisced on the days of Camarata as a young group of high schoolers was performing in the last leg of their music tour.
The message was to “give it your best, in the worst”, He spoke of Joseph made the best of his worst during his several years of misfortune. It much appreciated and much needed.
 After a volley of texts with Eri during the service I had signed off on the belief that I’d be getting home shortly after they had eaten. To my surprise I was blessed with perfect timing. I walked in just after the food was blessed. Pablo, Jael, and Eri we ready to get down with some GOOD ASS Vermicelli and Eri Salad. If you’ve never had salad made by a Monsalve… I implore you to find your nearest one and put in an order today!

After reminiscing on Deidre’s pregnancy pangs for pasta sandwiches, our bellies were now pleasantly filled with laughter and fine dining. Pablo suggested we go see the Buddha temple in Hacienda Heights. So off we were!

IMG00223-20090502-1614Once on the grounds, a female monk, which I never even new existed, smiled and handed us birthday cake which looked like a larger white and red Hawaiian roll ( you can see me showcasing it in this shot). She had explained that it was Buddha’s  b-day month, while pointing us in the right direction to continue our tour. 

The small hall that would lead us to the rest of the complex was more like a bland portal. There were no decorations or writings on the wall to suggest the grandeur we would soon behold. With doey eyes, we drank in the view.  Pablo explained that the property was actually shaped in a lotus leaf. It was truly, truly, truly, ourtrageous! not really but it was outstanding.( hehe just had to work in a little JEM reference.) 






We headed over to a garden area and heard a lovely classical track…so we thought. It was a group of young musicians (none older than 16 nor younger than 10). This Hall of Harmony was insane!  They sounded better than most university orchestras I had heard.  Eri, a violinist herself, was amazed and yet again so thankful the adventure triumphed or the sabbath nap.

IMG00219-20090502-1610We then scaled the steps to head to the larger temple. Lilting voices in an old familiar chinese melody flooded the halls of the main temple. Surrounded in gold and the red glows of the candles, followers said prayers and wishes kneeling in much concentration and solemnity.(Sorry, no pics were allowed) After their prayers they lit incense and placed them in this giant…pretty tray…thing. Behind this “grand keeper of incense” (really never got a proper name for it) was the area for The Washing of the Buddha. The images behind the baths were characters with Indian features and dress. Per usual, Eri clued me in. She reminded me that Buddha was from India. How I had forgotten that was simple, Buddhism had taken more in China than anywhere else.  But my thing was he was just looked so eastern asian, maybe therein lies my err.

After much reflection we descended the great steps. I walked ever so gingerly trying not to click my metallic heels on the marble stones. We saw a monk, in a bit of a hurry might I add,  pass us with a Hollister bag. It was golden! A happy, hasty, Hollister donning, hairless Monk!  And  just like that, my visit to the Hsi Lai Temple ended with a bang.

-til next time!


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