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I sigh because it’s been eons since i’ve been on this bad. It’s prolly clear by now that a weekly “if i’ just ain’t gon’ happen. The fact that I haven’t really had a reliable moment catcher for over a year has not helped with updates either. but hopefully that can change. i’ve discovered the joys of really expensive batteries. shout out to Enegizer advance LITHIUUUUUM! Also, I’ve found turning off the camera when I’m not using it to be dually effective. I’m pretty much rubbish at posting pics but i shall try or at least provide an abundance of links to pictures.

Now for a quick recap for my peeps who dont see me or visit me in my cove.

  • first up. my gifted mac G4 is in limbo and my cousin keisha heard my situation by a third party and hooked me up with this adorable purple ACER netbook LILIIII! whatchu know about FAM!?
  • in other news, I’m training for a half marathon (13.1 mi) on May 2. i will hit mile 9  or vice versa on sun. eeeeeKuh.
  • going mad over fabric/notions every 3rd day at hancock fabrics, my new besty
  • trading tips with and randomly bumping into Tawns(another new fav)
  • got my LIFE with nunz when she came through for a drive-by visit.
  • been babysitting the munchkins Brooks. too cute and too smart for their own good. leaders of tomorrow in the MAKIIIIING!!!
  • sewing of course. if i haven’t already accosted your fb page with the link here it is agaaaaain!
  • also, too, and, i’ve been singing with my sistas.  wish i had a link and or link for the concert we participated in last weekend. we opened for joey kibble from Take 6. such a homie.
  • i’m still looking for a part-time gig at the VERY least, so keep your ears. . . open???
  • recently fallen for The Arrows, Mumford and Sons these people are money! and they love JESUUUUUS! soo. thanks homies of homies who got that into gear.
  • also can’t get enough of Judy Garland. she and Liza were truly kindreds whether mami and daughter or not.
  • have had a hankering for skating and bowling. so far i’ve only been skating. i was trying to do it every two weeks but ya’ll know how i do with that.
  • writing a long overdue update.

So what’s next? who knows. you tell me.



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okay. . . okay. . .(sigh)

Now that I’ve opened my shop I realize that I have to think about how to promote it. I know, kinda backwards but i’ve opened it nonetheless. My mom has been talking a lot about marketing myself and the product. . . that’s when I chimed in with the obligatory, furred brow, pointed finger, and ” ummm” cause I haven t really given much thought to this due to the fact that a lot of my stuff isn’t really up yet. but marketing myself, whaaa???

She then said ,” you’re eclectic and untraditional with your style. . . ” I thought to myself “but that’s odd to just be like ‘I’m cool you should keep me in your entourage,’to people that seem interested in the same things.” After further reflection I realized that I should be proud of the talent God gave me and who I am. It’s still seems a bit boasty of me but here it is.

I am proud to be much like my Lula: a pleasantly humorous, fashionable, eclectic, creative, and God-fearing woman trying to find my way in this world.

(click to enlarge)

bows & twists

curls and soft waves

side sweeps and curl

-still kinda blushing


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his and hers - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

This is a T-shirt I’m submitting to As you can see it’s “pending approval” but go check it out! I’m trying to get PAID!

It’s pretty basic. Just a pair of lungs.  “His” and “Hers” is in gold leaf. Like any other pair it lends to the concept of unity. But it’s probably more of an all-consuming type thing. So VOTE!!

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Read all about it here! Check out the info under the catalog of pics. It was fun and it is over! HAL-LE-LU-JAH! (followed by faint memories of John Ritter’s Requiem). Teaching art full-time is not a joke. And that was only three days.


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RED light, GREEN light

(You might wanna click on the title to see this full screen.)

I‘ve been teaching art in Irvine for 7 months now, and I like to think that the my hour-plus commute is worth it. In the last project I assigned, my students had to use stop-motion animation to complete 2-3 minutes of footage. It had to include a soundtrack (approved by me) and or narrative, credits, and a winning idea. i gave a very simple example using all of the applications they would need (except the program that flips images). I told them I didn’t care who copied off of whom, because they would be presenting the videos in the Academic Expo (where they show all of their work they’ve done thus far) and so they had to be original and just come up with new stuff if someone stole their idea. I basically didn’t wanna get bored watching the same old ill-contrived beginner’s skater tricks or poor interpretation of the newest ridiculous artist.

Some of the students went above and beyond, others failed to reach the most basic requirements. In the end, at the very least, they had fun making their movies, learned plenty about planning ahead, working in groups (with people they didn’t necessarily love), and about the limitations of my ability to grant extensions.

I guess now I should probably show you one of my favorites…
here you go.

I’m so proud of them! We are going to show it in their schools weekly chapel. I’m sure it will be well received. It seems that crazy commute is worth it after all.

Last week I figured they needed a break from the intense world of the 6+week editing process. This seemed like a good idea ’til i remembered how lazy the little boogers can be. the expo is in two weeks and the project should really only take one class period.

We’re making collages with images, words (cut -outs or handwritten) and then making them greeting cards. We are going to transfer the images onto paper, how exactly I’m not sure but I’m sure we’ll just scan them for now and print then out on cardstock. I told them I would do one as an example of how simple and quick it can be, from mapping out the idea to mailing the card or post. This is what I did in the class period after my last pack of students.

what-goesssIt was quick for me but if they focus I’m still wondering if they’ll even be able to pick an idea in one class period. I hope this new project takes.


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1 Up, 2, 3, 4…

 Today, after tutoring my student at her school in San Bernardino, I was greeted by some young ladies playing double dutch. (BOOYA! Only da best and most fun I ever had in grade school in after care.) This wasn’t the type of school where they have the perfectly fashioned ropes that look fresh off the assembly line (whatever that might look like).  I expected to see telephone cords but these three innovative little ladies had taken four red individual plastic jump ropes and tied them together to make two seperate ropes. You know, the middle handles pulled off to reduce the flopping in the middle.  It was so nostalgic watching them flail and sing. I thought to just revel in the moment, think on my old days, but as you know thoughts seldom stay in my head without a poorer form of execution. I instead walked  over to them put my bag down, spilled my thoughts and said “bump that, can I get a jump?” Those unfamiliar with this world would think this a bit intrusive, but that’s just how we roll. 

These girls were more than welcoming to a youngish lady more than twice their age. They turned the ropes and the clock ticked back to my days of 360s, pop -ups, running-mans, etc. I had on loafers/moccasins so when I jumped in, things where shaky but I found my rhythm until a shoe flew out tagging the rope.  It was over.  Those 10 glorious seconds where through. 🙂

 They urged me to jump again. Speeding up while inside the whirlwind they’d created, I’d done it!  One of them said, “dang, she in it!” I had popped and turned and done God knows what else. It felt better than I’d expected. Then life came rushing back into focus with the rope at my feet and the plastic just having stung my foot.

It’s was astonishing how the  the clock turned back in a matter or jumps. I thanked them heartily as they thanked me for “even playing” with them.  I think those ladies and I will be forever cool… for the next two months.


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